I'm really excited about AMC's planned adaptation of Robert Kirkman's fantastic comic book, The Walking Dead. In fact, the only comic adaptation that would have me more excited than this is a full version of Y: The Last Man.

Normally, I'd be my usually cynical self and assume that this cinematic version would lose something in the translation--but knowing it's in the very capable of hands of Frank Darabont has allayed much of my pessimism. Darabont's writing, directing, and executive producing, which means he's going to have a great deal of creative control.

News broke a few weeks back that a pilot episode had been ordered by AMC. Now, Bloody-Disgusting shares news that the pilot has an official starting date: mark your calendars for May 15th, because that's the day when the living dead will invade Atlanta, Georgia. If you're reading this and live in the Atlanta area, I expect you to go out and snap some pics of the crew filming this thing...

The Walking Dead is one of Image Comics' most popular titles. It chronicles the "travels of a group of people trying to survive in a world stricken by a zombie apocalypse." It's a deep and engaging tale that seamlessly mixes emotional pathos with zombie mayhem. If Darabont can capture the tone of the comic, then this could be another huge hit for AMC.
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