Normally I'd like to preface a trailer with some background of who is involved, what it's about, and so on, but let's try a little experiment here. Hop on down to the bottom of this post and watch the trailer before we talk The Wild Hunt.

That wasn't exactly the ending you were expecting, now was it? In fact, there's very little in the Wild Hunt trailer that plays out as expected. It opens like a swords-and-bearskins historical epic, then it slides into what looks like a light-hearted comedy about friends who do Live Action Role Playing for fun. It then morphs into a strange sort of indie melodrama about lovers with clashing interests before evolving into a horror film about the thin blue line that separates role playing from the real world.

I can't remember the last time marketing materials rode such a tonally shifting roller coaster, but that may not necessarily be a reason to fault the film. Director Alexandre Franchi might have pulled off the changes in the feature (production values look pretty solid considering this is his first), I don't know. Either way any movie about LARP'ing, particularly if it turns into a horror movie, is okay in my book.
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