If you think Taylor Lautner's werewolf from the 'Twilight' series didn't have enough bite, this 'Wolfman' is for you. Benicio Del Toro, no pretty boy he, stars in 'The Wolfman' from Universal Pictures, and while there's plenty of gore, ripping flesh and general carnage in this Goth-tinged 'Wolfman,' overall it falls a hair short, according to a majority of critics.

'The Wolfman' also stars Anthony Hopkins,Emily Blunt,Hugo Weaving, under the direction of Joe Johnston. Set in Victorian England, Del Toro finds the curse of the werewolf haunting his family when he returns to his ancestral home. The local villagers have been picked off one by one by a powerful beast with a penchant for ripping limbs apart. Hmm, wonder who that could be?

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