What movie(s) will you be watching this Sunday? If you need help selecting something appropriate for Valentine's Day, perhaps this video mashup of romantic scenes will help. Edited by Avaryl Halley, who has done well-circulated clip compilations in the past, and brought to us by Moviefone, "I Love You Over and Over Again," is surprisingly less mushy than you'd expect from a collection of kisses, dances and professions of love throughout film history. Sure, there are some sappy and cheesy favorites like The Notebook and Julia Roberts' memorable "just a girl, standing in front of a boy" line from Notting Hill -- which played over a shot from the much-less-conventional romance of In the Mood for Loveis strangely not as disagreeble as it should be. But there's also a mocking and slightly cynical bit from Wet Hot American Summer to even things out.

No matter what kind of love story you prefer, there's likely something here for you. From the silent comedy of Buster Keaton to the verbal wit of Woody Allen, from the period romance of Doctor Zhivagoto the science fiction of The Empire Strikes Back, as well as much-appreciated inclusions of certain statements of love from The Color Purple and The Birdcage. Check out the video after the jump and you'll be in such a mood that you'll wish Sunday wasn't so far away.