Miami -- Getty ImagesWhen someone hears "Miami," chances are that the first thoughts that pop into their minds are beautiful, tan, sexy people, gorgeous beaches, insane nightlife or maybe even Will Smith's 'Miami' song. The multicultural, vivacious city not only attracts tourists and spring breakers, but has been at the heart of some of the best films ever created. Coming from someone who majored in film and lives in Miami, these are my picks for the 10 best Miami movies of all time.

10. 'Ace Ventura Pet Detective' (1994): Jim Carrey plays a wacky pet detective in search of the Miami Dolphins aquatic mascot that vanished before the Super Bowl. Through encounters with an eclectic group of people and animals, the detective refuses to give up until he catches the thief and returns the dolphin to its home.

9. 'Analyze This' (1999): When Don Paul Vitti (Robert De Niro), a powerful Mafia boss, gets into a car crash with psychiatrist Dr. Ben Sobel (Billy Crystal), it starts a unique and entertaining relationship. In between preparing for his wedding and dealing with his strange son, Dr. Sobel is on call 24-7 to heal the emotional gangster who is plagued by his inner conflicts.

8.' Any Given Sunday'(1999): An old-time football coach, players and a young female president/co-owner of the team struggle in this dramatic film that takes viewers through the hardship of death, injury and the pursuit towards one's goals. The story depicts a female struggling to make it in a man's world and a third-string player who has a chance to prove himself while changing the perspective and values of his coach.

'Caddyshack' (1980): In a comedic film that dives into the realm of uptight country clubs, snobbish golfers mixed with "outsiders" and caddies trying to make a buck, the golf course serves as a melting pot. In preparation for the gold tournament, gophers ruining the green and differences in personalities creating a series of colossal battles to determine who will be on top.

'Marley and Me'(2008): Based on the novel by John Grogan, the film -- starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston -- is a true comedic tearjerker. The Grogans add an additional member to their pack in the form of a loving yet deviant dog that serves as an inspiration while teaching the family important life lessons.

'There's Something About Mary' (1998): A high school geek missed his chance to take the popular beauty queen of his dreams to the prom due to a freak accident. Years later Ted (Ben Stiller) is still in love and hires a private investigator to track Mary (Cameron Diaz) down so he can win her heart. His bad luck prevails and the journey is not without laughable complications.

4. 'Birdcage' (1996): In this hilarious film, gay nightclub owner Armand Goldman (Robin Williams) and his drag queen companion Albert (Nathan Lane) are forced to pretend to be a heterosexual couple when their son declares he is getting married and his right wing future in-laws are coming to visit the family in Miami Beach.

3. 'Some Like It Hot' (1959): Director Billy Wilder brings out brilliant performances from Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in one of the best comedic films of all time. The story follows two musicians who witness the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and are forced to hop on a train to Miami, disguise themselves as women and join an all-female orchestra band. Both "women" end up with their own struggles as one falls in love with another member of the band, and the other is pursued by a millionaire who simply will not give up the chase.

2. 'Cocaine Cowboys' (2006): As a result of drug cartels and cocaine money, Miami transforms from an off the radar beach town into an alluring cosmopolitan city while rivalries amongst drug dealers taint the streets with bloodshed. Billy Corben's documentary uses elaborate, cutting-edge interviews with head honchos in the drug trafficking business to take viewers through the evolution of marijuana, cocaine and violent crimes, including the Dadeland Mall massacre that made Miami what it is today.

1. 'Scarface' (1983): In one of the most impressive performances of his career, Al Pacino perfects the role of Tony Montana in 'Scarface,' a film centered around the rise and fall of a Cuban-American drug lord who came to America to straighten up his life. The epic gangster film taps into the heart of the Miami cocaine underworld while eliciting viewers' sympathy during the destruction of the most powerful crime lord.
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