I'm not entirely sure where the line is between true mumblecore and just low-budget, DIY moviemaking, but whatever Bicycle Lane lacks in bedhead authenticity it more than makes up for in scrappy, humanistic charm. The story of a wannabe suitor riding a girl's bike across Los Angeles on a hot summer day in order to attend his potential lady friend's birthday party, writer-director Jeffrey Ruggles beautifully uncovers details both sublime and mundane in his debut film.

Don Black plays Don, a doughy hipster (aren't we all) who finds himself carless on the very morning of the birthday party of Alli (Allison Breckenridge), his cute coworker. Refused a ride by his hostile roommate, Don turns to a nutty female neighbor for help, but he ends up with a bicycle – a crappy pink one with a basket on the front, no less – as his only means of transportation from one side of LA to the other. Hilarity ensues as Don struggles to keep cool, and keep his cool, as he moves from one neighborhood to the next, encountering and increasingly odd obstacles – including an obnoxious coworker, a bike cop, and bum who steals his ride - en route to his romantic destination.
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