There are currently two films about the legendary Ninth Legion in post-production -- Kevin MacDonald's Eagle of the Ninth, and Neil Marshall'sCenturion. They might be tackling the same missing Romans, but they couldn't be more different in the way they're approaching the story. Eagle takes place decades after the legion goes missing. Centurion, as you can see from this first trailer, takes place in the minutes immediately following their slaughter.

I can't get enough of Roman settings, but if I was forced to choose just one to watch right now, it'd be Centurion. This trailer is fantastic. It's cold, bloody, and terrifying. Marshall seems to be fascinated with the same element of Roman Britain that I am -- the idea of Roman soldiers, with all their rules and regulations, being flung into distant and "uncivilized" lands for years on end. Colonies are always alien things on a landscape and culture, but there's something about Rome's occupations that's more eerie and enticing to the historical imagination.

Of course, that's just getting into misty territory. Most will just enjoy the trailer's snowy landscapes, splatters of blood, grim battles, terrifying Picts, and the intensity of Michael Fassbender and Dominic West. Those two could make a movie where they fiercely read a phone book, and I'd still watch.

The trailer is embedded below, courtesy of IGN.Centurion does not yet have a release date, which is the worst news I've heard all week.