When March 7 rolls around, the Oscars will have their usual hype and pomp, with stars and starlets lined up on the red carpet to glitter beneath the lights of Hollywood. Yet in an age increasingly defined by effects-dominated films such as 'Avatar,' the true stars of the industry may be gathering at a much smaller event this year: the Academy's Scientific and Technical Awards.

And perhaps in recognition of that shift, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that 'The 40 Year Old Virgin' star Elizabeth Banks will be performing the emcee duties for the ceremony, which is scheduled to be held on February 20th. The actress, who is currently appearing as a recurring guest star on the hit TV comedy '30 Rock,' is the latest in a long line of film beauties to lend their star power to the annual event, following Jessica Biel (2009) and Jessica Alba (2008) in that role.
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