Snow Driving in 'Fargo'

Are you snowed in today? Yesterday saw the biggest accumulation of snow in the history of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, where I currently live. More than nine inches fell -- don't laugh, you upper-Midwesterners and North-easterners! We're not prepared for anything like that much snow around here! As I was cautiously driving through 20 miles of snow and sludge on my way home, worrying about the treacherous conditions and marveling at the beauty of the fallen snow upon the landscape, my thoughts turned to the movies.

What, you were expecting thoughts on global warming on a movie site? With due respect to Al Gore and An Inconvenient Truth, the big problem with global warming as an issue is that it hasn't captured the imagination of the general movie-going public. Did anyone leave The Day After Tomorrow and think about the environment? Of course not! But I betcha everyone who saw Fargo thought, "Wow, Minnesota and North Dakota are freakin' cold places to live! Remember the cop talking to the guy on the street and you could barely see their faces? How about when William H. Macy got so frustrated trying to scrape ice off his windshield? Or that overhead shot showing him trudging through the snow to his car in the empty, snow-filled parking lot?"

Yup, even though I lived in Brooklyn for more than a decade and endured my share of snowy winters, nowadays whenever I see snow I think of Fargo rather than my real life experiences. Now that's a powerful movie, able to displace time, space, and reality. What about you? What are your favorite snowy, snowed-in, winter wonderland movies?

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