I've been following the exorcism flick Cotton for what feels like an eternity. I like demonic possession films in general and have been intrigued by the cinema verite style this film supposedly possesses--plus it's got Eli Roth on board as a producer, so there are now at least three things that make it worth keeping an eye on.

Late yesterday afternoon, Variety reported that the film has finally found distribution. Venerable horror house Lionsgate has won the war to acquire the film (reportedly multiple studios were interested in the title), and the first thing they've done with their new toy is change the title. The film is no longer Cotton--it's The Last Exorcism instead. I'm not a fan of the name change--Cotton certainly doesn't tell you anything about the film, but The Last Exorcism is pretty on the nose.

Directed by Daniel Stamm, The Last Exorcism is a faux documentary-styled feature about disillusioned minister Cotton Marcus, who lets a film crew record his final exorcism. I probably don't have to tell you that lots of crazy stuff is going to happen in front of the cameras...

Lionsgate hasn't even hinted at a release date yet, but when they do we'll pass it along.
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