Kevin Costner is gearing up for his next directorial gig. It all started with his wholly impressive debut with the Civil War era Dances with Wolves, which earned a whopping seven Oscars in 1990, and then the less-impressive follow-ups where he delivered mail in a post-apocalyptic world and protected cattle in the Old West. Now, however, he's headed for a little small-scale conflict on the backdrop of World War II.

Variety reports that Costner's next directorial and star vehicle will be the action-adventure film A Little War of Our Own, written by Dan Gordon. (Not to be confused with the Civil War book of the same name.) In it, he'll play a sheriff who tries to keep "a town from exploding into violence" during WWII. It sounds like some small-stateside story rather than your typical war piece, but the film's other lead is a German U-boat commander, so your guess is as good as mine as to how a sheriff and U-boat dude fit together.

Costner and producer Armyan Bernstein are currently casting the film, and are planning to get things going this fall. Bernstein says: "This has been a dream project for Kevin and I for years. The themes are timeless -- war, peace, and reconciliation." Could this dream project bring Costner back to his initial directorial fame? Let's hope so. We don't need another Postman.
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