It doesn't surprise me to learn that Lucky McKee and Angela Bettis will be working together again. This duo has worked on a variety of projects together, most notably the quiet classic known as May. (And if you think I'm being sarcastic, try again. May is, in my opinion, one of the strangest and most captivating horror films of the past twenty years.) But this latest is a fairly unexpected one...

So remember that adaptation of Jack Ketchum's Offspring that hit the DVD shelves a few months back? I thought it had some ... problems, but overall I found it a fairly creepy and effectively nasty little indie. Well, now it seems that McKee and Bettis are re-teaming to do a follow-up called Offspring: The Woman. According to this handy Fango blog, Lucky will direct, Angela will star, and Ketchum himself will (once again) pen the screenplay. So if you're keeping score that's Off Season (Book #1, no movie as of yet), Offspring (Book #2, Movie #1), and then Offspring: The Woman (Book #0, Movie #2). But hey, at least the original author is involved, and that's what's important. (Read Off Season, horror fans. It's some rough, tough stuff.)

And hey, cool. Pollyanna McIntosh will be returning for the sequel. That's cool too. For more on this brand-new sequel news, check out the Fangoria blog.
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