Earlier this week, New Line announced that the new romantic comedy Valentine's Daywill be spun-off into a semi-sequel titled New Year's Eve. The news provoked groans, especially from those who've seen the first film, but isn't it a fresh idea for Hollywood to attempt a franchise in this genre? The whole point of romantic comedy is that there's a conclusion of two characters brought together in the end. Where else can they go? Maybe into family comedy, but then there's a change of genre.

However, with ensemble romantic comedies, such as Valentine's Day, I can imagine a progression that's similar to horror series. Let's pretend that all the characters in the first film ended up married, as traditional comedy would dictate, except for one. That character would then be the bridge to the next film. He or she would then finally fall in love and get hitched in that film (the equivalent of being killed off, which many men would say is an apt correlation). As would every other main character save for one. And so on.
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