Sundance is not really the place you go to find the next big genre film. Unless the next big genre film features a quirky road trip between a buttoned-up, over-medicated young man and a free spirited dream girl who is inevitably going to allow him to shake away his troubled past. However, Vincenzo Natali's sci-fi horror film Spliceappears to be getting a very sweet distribution deal courtesy of producer Joel Silver.

Details of said sweet distribution deal? Oh, how about a summer release, 3,000 screens and a publicity budget potentially north of 35 million bucks? That sound you hear is Natali laughing and slapping himself on the back.

Since I was not at Sundance (and I don't want your pity so please don't send me checks, oh don't do that), I haven't seen Splice, but a modern day Frankenstein story about two "rock star" scientists played by Adrian Brody and Sarah Polley who create a beautiful and deadly human/animal hybrid sounds right up my alley. It also sounds tremendously like a 1976 Rock Hudson stinker I suffered through once called Embryo, but I'm a forgiving man.

Natali's Cube remains one of the great unsung science fiction thrillers of the past, well, ever, so I'm up for whatever the man wants to throw at me. Word about the internet is that the film throws gore, weirdness and awesome in great quantities and that the end result is pretty terrific. Consider my butt in one of those 3,000 theaters on opening night.

(Via Deadline Hollywood)
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