If you're looking to get ahead of the next Mad Max movie and/or stock up on accessories in case the apocalypse decides to pay a visit to earth in, say, the next couple of months, then might I suggest picking up a pair of these freak-ish goggles that look like they're straight out of a really bad 80s sci-fi film. Kids today seem to be using them for raves and cyber-gothic house parties, but I think they'd make a great present for someone with a Statue of Liberty fetish.

The goggles come from the folks over at F#@K The Mainstream (and if you're at work, I might suggest not visiting that site), and something tells me all proceeds won't be going toward building a new Baby Gap in an under-developed city like New York. I will say that it's comforting to know that if the world were to end tomorrow, we'd be looking toward the rave culture for fashion advice. Check out more images over at TrendHunter. So who's buying a pair?
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