In case you hadn't heard, 3D films make a lot of money, and Hollywood won't rest until everything is in 3D whether the film is enhanced by it or not. We can no longer feign surprise at "Really? In 3D?" anymore. Except maybe this one last time: Breaking Dawn, the final installment (or installments, if it's split into two films) of The Twilight Saga, may be filmed in 3D. It's obvious why. You don't even need me to tell you why Twilight fans might want to see it in 3D. It's not for the scenery of Forks, Washington.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Summit Entertainment is seriously contemplating whether or not Twilight has made them enough money, or if they could earn more by making Edward and Bella's love a truly immersive experience. Considering this is the book where they finally get it on (and Edward breaks their bed, if I remember correctly), the implications of that are very unsettling. But hey, think of Taylor Lautner's rippling abs! Surely that's enough to offset Reneseeme's birth in full and bloody 3D.

Summit will reportedly decide on whether or not to go 3D by the end of the month. THR notes that any Breaking Dawn plans could still be derailed by Stephanie Meyer, who has an ironclad contract binding her to approve everything from casting to director. It's not clear whether or not that includes filming format, but even if it didn't, I don't think Summit would risk her disapproval. She commands an army, and if she doesn't want a 3D movie, the fans won't either. But what if the fans do want it? I've seen the lines at ComicCon for a three-dimensional glimpse of the cast. Couldn't the film sell under the same idea?
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