Sandra Bullock has recently given interviews proclaiming her enthusiasm for being nominated twice this year, for both an Oscar and a Razzie: for Best Actress in The Blind Side and for Worst Actress in All About Steve. She called the situation "brilliant" and added that it's "a great leveler." She has even hinted that she plans to attend both ceremonies (though she's not sure what to wear to the Razzies).

Certainly many, many actors and actresses have been nominated for both Oscars and Razzies. Eddie Murphy has been nominated for 13 Razzies, but not in 2006 when he received his Oscar nomination for Dreamgirls. John Travolta and Kevin Costner are also Oscar nominees with multiple Razzie nominations. Faye Dunaway has been nominated -- and has won -- many times on both sides. Kim Basinger is an Oscar winner and a frequent Razzie nominee.

I have combed through the acting nominees for both awards, and have come up with a few other examples to keep Bullock company: In 1992, Jack Nicholson was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for A Few Good Men, and Worst Actor for Hoffa. In 1994, Uma Thurman was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Pulp Fiction and Worst Actress for Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. In 2002, Christopher Walken was nominated for Worst Supporting Actor for The Country Bears and Best Supporting Actor for Catch Me If You Can. In 2003, Alec Baldwin was nominated for Worst Supporting Actor for The Cat in the Hat and Best Supporting Actor for The Cooler. Oddly, there is not one winner (or loser) for any of these nominations. Do they cancel each other out?

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