No one puts Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the corner. Gone are the days of side gigs, back-to-back crap romcoms, and barely there cameos in Woodstock flicks. After finding fame with Denny Duquette and Edward Blake, Morgan has a slew of starring projects on the way -- including The Losers, Shanghai, and Red Dawn -- and now there's another to add to the pile. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Morgan will star in Michael Bassett's (Solomon Kane) new psychological thriller The Unblinking Eye.

The film will focus on John Callisto (Morgan), a retired recluse who gave up his life as a homicide detective after he almost became the victim of a serial killer. He enjoys his seclusion until a nosy bugger of a journalist tracks him down. "As the two confront each other, dark secrets from both their pasts come to light."

Is it too much to think of this as a more real-world view of The Comedian, had he not be slain? This character probably didn't go around sadistically killing people himself, and there's not a costumed warrior in sight, but the idea of the gruff and tough man dealing with his past -- the ravaged survivor -- fits the bill, and it'll be nice to see Morgan settle into that mindset for more than just a geek movie intro.

The film will go on sale at Berlin this year, and is set to shoot this May.
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