I've written quite a few words chronicling my excitement for the French zombie film The Horde. The idea of a group of crooked cops and tough guy criminals teaming up to fight zombies is one those high concepts that totally captures my imagination. So, when news of Koldo Serra's Perros Muertos (Dead Dogs) turned up in yesterday's Variety, I immediately got interested.

Director Serra previously helmed the Gary Oldman vehicle Backwoods. Nava Entertainment will produce the zombie action flick, which has a budget of roughly 4.8 million dollars. Read on for the brief plot blurb...

"Perros" has a petty criminal, Cocacolo, pulling a Barcelona bank job and fleeing south, just as a family leaves Northern Spain for holidays. The motley group join together in the Spanish countryside to battle a zombie outbreak sparked by the locals' consumption of adulterated rapeseed oil."

Rapeseed oil is a real thing and has nothing to do with rape, apparently. Thank god for the Internet--otherwise I might have said something really crass there.

Variety also states the screenplay is completed--which means things should be moving full speed ahead sometime in the not too distant future.
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