In honor of Valentine's Day, our staff will be sharing some of their favorite romantic scenes all day long.

There comes a point in all our lives when we take the risk and profess our love to a person who may or may not feel the same way as we do. It's very hardcore and emotional, and when you're inside that moment -- scurrying to find the best way to tell someone how much they mean to you without also ruining everything you already have -- it's often overwhelming, ridiculously scary and kinda therapeutic all at the same time. In my opinion, no one captures the beautiful horror of a moment like this better than Kevin Smith does in Chasing Amy.

The set up is simple: Holden (Ben Affleck) is a dude who's got a case of the more-than-just-friends and wants to spread it to his pal Alyssa (Joey Lauren Adams). Problem is, Alyssa is a lesbian, but Holden still feels like they have an intense romantic connection -- and in the film's most powerful scene (my favorite from all of Smith's movies), Holden gets Alyssa alone in a car and spews out a brilliant monologue that feels so real and personal you almost don't want it to end. But when it finally does, the scene continues outside of the car where shouted tears mix with moonlit rain drops, and it all eventually boils over to the kind of climax that offers you a cigarette before shifting to the next scene.

So in honor of all those love-struck strangers out there who will use the spirit of Valentine's Day as the backdrop for their own romantic, Smith-inspired monologues, this one goes out to you.