In honor of Valentine's Day, our staff will be sharing some of their favorite romantic scenes all day long.

Yeah, I'm writing about The Fisher Kingagain. I can never get away from my love for this movie, which has my favorite use of a NYC landmark, my favorite Robin Williams performance and, yes, my all-time favorite romantic scene. Believe me, I tried to be less predictable and spotlight something from my other favorite romances. I especially wanted to celebrate the very realistic awkwardness and uncertainty of love displayed in All the Real Girls, but I couldn't pinpoint one moment of that film that's any more romantic than another.

So I'm back to the more clearly scripted fairy tale romance of The Fisher King. There are two great, very different love stories in the film. Mercedes Ruehl and Jeff Bridges provide the more down to earth, often too cynical portrayal of love evolved out of a relationship of convenience. Then there's the fantastical love story starring Williams and Amanda Plummer as Parry and Lydia. Like all the best whimsical romances, there's a level of stalking involved, and at times I wonder if Lydia comes off too desperate for being charmed by Parry's immediate profession of love, backed by obsessive knowledge of her daily routine and presumption of how she sees herself.