In honor of Valentine's Day, our staff will be sharing some of their favorite romantic scenes all day long.

In a recent Twitter conversation, I joked with a male friend that, were he able to conjure up celebrities out of thin air, I'd appreciate his sending Alan Rickman to my house for the weekend. My friend was surprised, and said that he thought I was being deliberately perverse -- but an avalanche of female Twit-peeps leapt on board to passionately assure him that, oh no, Alan Rickman is the stuff of many a woman's fantasy, thankyouverymuch. That voice, that accent, those eyes, that nose. Okay, maybe the nose thing is just me. But seriously -- Alan Rickman is dreamy.

For most of us with this particular fixation, the initial infection came by way of the the 1990 film Truly, Madly, Deeply, directed by Anthony Minghella. It's the story of a woman named Nina (Juliet Stevenson), who's consumed with grief following the death of her live-in lover, Jamie (Rickman), a dead-sexy boho cellist. Sleepwalking through her job, distractedly dealing with the myriad problems that beset her run-down flat, Nina can't get past her loss -- until, one day, Jamie shows up again. He may be a ghost, he may be a figment of her imagination, but for a brief period Nina gets to be with her love again, and all is bliss. Until, of course, she starts to remember all of the small things about him that were far less than perfect ... and as she lets go of her idealized version of their relationship, she prepares to re-enter the real world again.
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