If this doesn't work, I'm probably going to lash out and hurt someone. Maybe myself. I don't know. I really need for Frank Darabont's interpretation of Robert Kirkman's 'The Walking Dead' to do it justice. For those of you who don't read comics - it's okay, I won't judge you - this is the one for you. If you're a horror fan, read it. If you're a comics fan, read it. He gets it. There are entire issues that go by that are completely sans zombies and it's brilliant. You don't realize it until the issue is over and every one ends with some jaw-dropping cliffhanger. Say what you will about Kirkman's other output, but 'The Walking Dead' is easily one of the best ongoing comics in history. It's scary. It's nail-biting, but most of all, it's human.

If you're 'too cool for school' and can't be bothered with readin' them funnybooks, the Walking Dead is quite a simple premise. Rick, a small town sheriff, awakens in the hospital to find that the world has ended. His friends and family are gone and the undead walk the earth. He eventually teams up with and leads a ragtag band of other survivors and tries to carve out some sort of existence in the apocalypse.

Bloody Disgusting
has some rumors on who will be cast as the lynchpin of the series, Rick. I'll be honest. I 'm not too happy about any of these. I could see Mark Pellegrino working, but those other two chumps are a little too freshfaced to shepherd us through Armageddon. My pick might be a little too unsurprising, but can't we at least give Guy Pearce a try?
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