After finding no success at getting her wacky political satire off the ground, and The Countessstill waiting for bloody release, Julie Delpy is heading back to more familiar and safe ground. ScreenDaily reports that the writer/director/star has penned a sequel to Two Days in Paris, which will film this October in New York with the apt title Two Days in New York.

As we already know, Marion and Jack's relationship imploded during their time in Paris, so she's moved on. Now she's spending two days in the Big Apple with her new guy and her kid. (Although Jack's the dad, he doesn't appear. Sorry, Adam Goldberg fans!) Delpy says: "It's about the difficulty of relationships but also about the main character's evolution in general. It's a very modern story about the complexities of being a woman and not being completely consumed by your partner."

Many may be turned off by that description, but keep in mind, the original dealt with the same premise whilst dealing with a whole myriad of absurd twists and comedy, from creepy exes and racist cabbies to an interlude with an animal rights terrorist. It's hard to imagine the same sort of wonderful bickering that erupted between Goldberg and Delpy, but the plan is to cast a "well-known US actor." I don't know how well-known they're going, but I'd pay top dollar to see Delpy face off against Chris Eigeman, who's another pro at fast-paced smart banter. But who would you cast?
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