There has always been one field of entertainmentMadonna has never successfully conquered -- cinema. It's safe to say that her acting career has featured more misses than hits. But Madonna is nothing if not indomitable, and she's decided to conquer Hollywood another way. She wants to direct. She's already tried her hand at it once with Filth and Wisdom, and Variety reports she's taking the chair for W.E., a biopic of Wallis Simpson. She's also writing the script alongside her Truth or Dare collaborator Alex Keshishian, and Vera Farmiga is reportedly interested in playing Simpson.

Even those only vaguely familiar with British history know who Simpson is. She was the American divorcee who King Edward VIII fell for so hard that he chose to abdicate the throne in order to marry her. The story has always been painted with a high gloss of romance, though many have whispered the push for Edward to abdicate had more to do with England being alarmed by some of Edward and Wallis' German friends. Simpson was a controversial woman in her day, and remains a historical figure of a lot of rumor and speculation, which is probably why Madonna is interested in her. (She had a similar attraction to Eva Person, if I remember correctly.)

I confess, I haven't see Filth and Wisdom so I can't speak to Madonna's directorial abilities, though what reviews I read weren't very positive. Will this be a disaster to rival Swept Away? Will she conquer another field, and become a critically acclaimed director? With Madonna, anything is possible, and it's sure to get a lot of ink either way.

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