Horror movies may not typically be the best reviewed genre amongst critics, but it is still usually the one easy enough to find a little praise to sell them with. I'm not saying horror fans are easy to please. Not in this piece anyway. Lord knows they have made their displeasure known (however unfairly) with this weekend's release of The Wolfman. Hard to believe that it is one of the two major releases of 2010 to go its opening three days without a positive quote to be seen anywhere in its newspaper ads or commercials. Lionsgate's Daybreakers was the other.

But how is that possible? The vampire thriller was getting its share of praise going all the way back to last September's Toronto Film Festival, plenty of time for the studio to prepare a couple of positive quotes. Well before the film settled in to a very respectable 64% at Rotten Tomatoes, more than double The Wolfman's 30%. (Hell, even Legion and its 17% still got two quotes for the ads - and it wasn't even screened for critics.) Still though, both films have a big enough pool to reach into and find a couple of respectable critics or outlets to sell it. Do you always need Peter Travers to be leading the way?

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