The western space musical Stingray Sam has been available for purchase online for some time, but now the soundtrack is available, so you can sing about "Fredward" to your heart's delight.

The episodic adventures of Stingray Sam and his old pal the Quasar Kid take them across the galaxy as they search for a kidnapped girl. In glorious black and white, Stingray Sam has the sensibilities of early serials with deceptively simple musical numbers.

Slyly smart and with a big heart, the Stingray Sam soundtrack is infectious to the point some audiences end up singing along during screenings. At Fantastic Fest it was not uncommon to hear people randomly singing "Stingray Sam is not a hero, but he does do the things that folks don't do that need to be done," and not just star Cory McAbee.

McAbee, who directed and co-produced with Bobby Lurrie, is still on the festival circuit with the film. The soundtrack is available on the Stingray Sam website as well as the film itself.
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