Though Megan Fox reportedly claimed she would commit suicide if Hasbro made her an official Transformers action figure, she still received the plastic mold treatment for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. As she survived unscathed, DC Direct clearly felt comfortable turning her into a sultry Jonah Hexstatue. Look at the way she seems to be rising out of the box, like a gift wrapped present, or a stripper out of a cake! This will undoubtedly find its way to many a man's shelf. We can only speculate on what might happen to her there, and pity her painted eyes.

For those who prefer their busts less busty, you'll be able to get Josh Brolin as the scarred bounty hunter, Hex. I'm not a fan of busts (I must have legs to my figures, or I'm weirded out by them), but I actually like this one. It looks like Brolin, and it's armed, which is a "Can it fit on my desk?" consideration in my book. He'll try his Toy Storybest to protect his lady friend, but there's no way he's going to have enough ammunition. Plus, he's far more penned in by his stand than Fox's Leila is.

The figures will be released sometime in June in order to tie-in with Jonah Hex's new release date of June 18. You can see higher res versions of the figures on Comics Alliance, who had the exclusive debut of the DC figures.

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