Those of us who were itching to see an action flick in April will have to wait a little longer for The Losers. The film was originally scheduled to hit theaters on April 9, and had just released its first trailer. It immediately attracted the right kind of attention, as well as obvious comparisons to The A-Team remake, which is due in theaters on June 11, 2010. Director Sylvain White brushed off the similarity, noting that "our movie comes [out] first and has a very different plot." But now Warner Bros has decided to make the competition a little more interesting. They've pushed The Losers back to June 4. This is partly due toClash of the Titans being delayed until April 2 for its 3D conversion, but it's also a mark of confidence in The Losers. It's now being viewed as competitive summer fare instead of "casual" spring viewing. It's also being pitted a little more directly against The A-Team, who might just be sweating under the collar now. It's one thing to have an A-Teamish movie coming out in April. But one week before? Yikes.

So, who is going to win the battle of the insulted mercenaries? Will it be Warner Bros or Fox? Jeffrey Dean Morgan or Bradley Cooper? Zoe Saldana or Sharlto Copley? Patrick Wilson or Chris Evans? Based purely on Twitter and Cinematical commenters, The Losers are in the lead. They certainly have the advantage of release dates, but never count out the name recognition of The A-Team. After all, easy marketability is the whole point of a remake.

No matter who walks away with the crown, it's the humble moviegoers who are the winners. Not only do we get two popcorn movies to choose from, but we'll get to watch the box office battle for free!