Demi Moore on the David Letterman Show and Grace Jones on the Russell Harty ShowMovie stars on chat shows can be a pretty tedious affair most of the time. In fact, 99.9% of the time to be exact. What you mainly get is: "blah blah... yeah, so the film's out this Friday", "blah blah... I've wanted to work with (director's name goes here) for ages", "blah blah... kissing scenes aren't as great as they look, you know..." Oh shut up will you.

What we're focussing on below are those wonderful 0.01% occasions when an actor or actress has decided that talking about their new film just isn't enough. No, they need to be drunk or naked or something.

Join us now as we reveal the ten maddest movie star chat show moments ever. And yes, of course the irreplaceable Oliver Reed is in the list (we could have done all ten on him). Enjoy!
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