Three Little Pigs

My niece brought me a book to read when I was visiting her last week, an adaptation of the Disney short The Three Little Pigs, complete with illustrations. After we finished reading, I said, "Do you know there's a movie of this?" and betting heavily on the power of YouTube, sat her down at the computer with me to find it. YouTube came through, and my niece loved the movie. In fact, my mom came in about halfway through, exclaimed she hadn't seen it in 20 years (we used to have it on VHS back in the day), and watched it with us, delighted.

You can find a number of Disney's Silly Symphony shorts online, but The Three Little Pigs may be my favorite. The 1933 film won an Oscar for "Best Short Subject, Cartoons." Depression-era audiences must have enjoyed seeing the pigs fight a literal wolf at their door, the song is infectiously cute, and there are a few sly moments of humor. When the pigs are all in the brick house (I hope I'm not spoiling anything for you here), check out the pictures of "Mother" and "Father" on the wall. The original version of the short was criticized for employing negative Jewish stereotyping in the Big Bad Wolf's Fuller Brush Man costume. I'm embedding a revised version where the costume was changed; the original sequence is also available online.

You can watch The Three Little Pigs right here, after the jump. And if you want a better quality version, it's available for sale through iTunes, as well as on several Disney DVD compilations of early short films. Warning: you may find "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" sticks in your head afterward for a while.

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