A big selling point for Avatar is the 3D images, but in Seoul, it's showing in 4D.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, multiplex chain CJ-CGV has shown ten films in 4D in the last year in one theater. Despite the higher ticket cost ($15.80 versus the average ticket price of $6.90), the 4D shows regularly sells out.

The 4D effect includes moving seats similar to D-Box, as well as odors such as explosives, water sprinkles, laser light, and wind. Ten films have been shown in 4D so far in the last year, starting with Journey to the Center of the Earth. Avatar's "ride" includes 30 effects. Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief is also scheduled to be shown in 4D.

4D seating is currently available in the US from D-Box seats in regular theaters that shake rattle and roll, to Technifex 4D theater seats which can incorporate air movement, but they seem to be limited to theaters in museums and amusement parks. More complex 4D technology that incorporates not only chair and air movement, but fragrance and water has been used in India since 2006, with the first in Mumbai, and the most recent opening in Chennai in December.

Would you be interested in watching movies in 4D, or are you still not convinced on 3D?

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