Hold on to your butts, Avatar story haters, James Cameron is officially putting pen to Pandoran paper once more to give fans an even bigger slice of the sci-fantasy by way of a prequel. Thing is, you won't need new fangled 3D glasses to take this journey to the stars, but you may still need an old fashioned pair of reading glasses. That's right, Cameron is writing an Avatar novel.

MTV spoke with Avatar producer Jon Landau, who clarified that Cameron's book is definitely not just a broader novelization of the events of the groundbreaking film nor is it taking the place of a second cinematic entry, rather it's purpose is to fill in some of the gaps and questions the film may have left open in regards to Dr. Augistine's school for the Na'vi, what Jake's life was like back on Earth before his brother Tommy was killed, and just how exactly Colonel Quaritch learned that everything on Pandora wanted to eat his eyes for jujubes.

Personally I'm interested enough in the lore of Avatar to give it a read, but I'm not so sure a novelized prequel is going to attract the many a filmgoers who felt the film's story was, to put it diplomatically, subpar. I also don't think the hopeful delivery date of late 2010 is going to help win over the unconverted, particularly so considering this is Cameron's first novel. But what say you? Are you taking a preemptive pass or will the Untitled Avatar Prequel end up on your bookshelf right next to Avatar: A Confidential Report on the Biological and Social History of Pandora? And if so, what stories are you hoping it tells?
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