It's no secret that one of the hottest titles out of Sundance was Buried (read our review), the film that featured Ryan Reynolds trapped in a coffin buried underground for 90 minutes. While the joke of the festival was that Reynolds had better cell phone service in that coffin than we did above ground, festgoers seemed to really enjoy the whole trapped-in-one-location gimmick, and now Lionsgate will shovel the film into theaters later this year so the rest of you all can check it out.

Meanwhile, Buried screenwriter Chris Sparling has generated a bit of excitement not only with Buried, but with his follow-up script ATM. Does Ryan Reynolds get trapped inside an ATM this time while trying to receive twenty bucks for some Burger King? Close, but not quite. Slashfilm managed to grab a pretty intriguing plot synopsis for the film, which will head into production later this year under the guidance of short film director David Brooks.

Essentially, the film is about three co-workers who, late one night after a Christmas party, decide to stop at a remote ATM located in a supermarket parking lot to take out some money for pizza. Problems arise, however, when they realize that a "large menacing man in a heavy hooded parka" is hanging out between them and their car. Apparently they're using a Phone Booth meets Frozen comparison, which means the weather will probably play a factor. Oh, and none of them have cell phones on them for a variety of reasons, in case you were wondering about that.

Sounds like it has potential to me, and you have to admit that it's nice to see people still taking chances on fresh, original ideas instead of rebooting and sequelizing a franchise we're kinda sick of at this point. Here's hoping folks continue to invest in Sparling's freaky, claustrophobic scenarios.
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