[Welcome to Duty Free Movies, a new little corner of Cinematical where we'll be highlighting quality import discs from around the world. Given my bend for horror, sci-fi, and Asian movies, a good number of imports on my shelf fall under that realm, but I'll do my best to spread the love around to other genres as well.]

Mother, the latest film from Joon-ho Bong (The Host, Memories of Murder), will get a limited theatrical run in the US starting March 12. That's great news for fans of the South Korean filmmaker, for Mother is definitely worth seeing on the big screen; if you happen to live in a major city like New York, L.A. or Chicago, that is. For those who are normally left in the lurch on limited releases, however, your best bet is to go ahead and import the Korean Blu-ray.

As with The Good, the Bad, the Weird (and hopefully all entries in Duty Free Movies), CJ Entertainment's disc is Region A, so it should play problem free in any US Blu-ray player. However, unlike TGBTW, this disc isn't part of CJ Ent's limited collector's edition lineup, so the packaging isn't quite as extravagant. There are no physical extras beyond the disc and its case (again made of nicer, firmer materials than most Criterion BDs here in the States), but that doesn't matter much considering the disc has a number of supplements of its own. Plus the movie is just fantastic; easily the best thriller of 2009.
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