UPDATE: Sorry folks, the images were leaked and weren't supposed to be online yet. As such, Summit Entertainment has asked us to remove them. We'll re-post when given the all clear. The above image is currently the only approved image for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Get ready to change your pants, Twihards! The Eclipse inundation has started with lots of hot and steamy lip action between Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson). It starts off with laughter in that meadow the two lovebirds always return to, but quickly devolves into a sexy flip-book of ever-increasing sauciness. Considering the lushness of the pillows behind them, the middle pictures (all in our gallery below) must be in Edward's new bed, either when he tries to extol the virtues of said bed, or when Bella tries to seduce him to get some human sex. There are kisses, leg grabs, and bared chesticles.

And, because Stephenie Meyer's little vampiric romance loves to mix the creepy in with the lust, these pics are attached with a shot of Riley (Xavier Samuel) and Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard) ready to rip Edward's head off. Yeah, I know. That's not part of the book. It looks like the powers that be wanted Edward to be in more risque danger and here he is, with Riley ready to rip off an arm and Victoria ready to decapitate. It could just be a dream ruse, but considering the floundering Edward was in New Moon, I'm not holding my breath. They like to ignore his mindreading and make him a lame fighter on-screen.

So, Twi-hards, what do you think of the footage thus far? Do you have to take a minute to compose yourselves? Are you mourning the new, wigged Victoria? Weigh in below.

(And Jacob does represent in this little series of pics: His little carved wolf charm is visible in at least one picture.)
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