Here, read this.

Well, maybe don't sit there and read the whole thing -- especially not if you haven't seen In the Loop, which is an undeniable highlight of 2009, and which some people will hopefully check out now that it's scored a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination. But I'll be a Nazi Julie Andrews if I didn't just sit here for twenty minutes and look up the precise wording of my favorite lines in one of the most consistently funny scripts in years. IFC has posted it in the (probably vain) hopes of winning the trophy next month. Hours of amusement.

If you've only seen the movie once, by the way, invest the time in a second viewing -- it came out on DVD a few weeks ago. (Though the BBC series it's based on -- Armando Iannucci's The Thick of It -- is still unavailable stateside, unless you want to import a PAL disc from Britain. Which I most assuredly do not.) Honestly, few comedies open up this much on subsequent go-rounds -- I picked up a good dozen lines the second time I watched it that had previously flown past me amid the British lunacy. ("Come on, thick white duke! Come with me!" -- a line that's not in the script that IFC posted, which means it was probably a Paul Higgins ad lib.)

In honor of this occasion, your assignment today is to choose one -- ONE -- favorite line from In the Loop and post it in the comments. Check out my pick after the jump.
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