Avatar fans will get a return trip to Pandora after all, just not in the way they may have expected. Avatar producer Jon Landau tipped MTV News off to James Cameron's latest Avatar project - a prequel novel that leads up to the events in the film. Fans can expect to learn more about Jake's relationship with his twin brother Tommy, Tommy's involvement with the Avatar program, and Grace's school for the Avatars and Na'vi.

While Cameron has never written a novel before, I think it's a good format for him. For one thing, he'll be unfettered by budgetary restraints, and when it comes to film, the guy likes to spend money. In a novel, he can dream big, and not have to worry about who's going to foot the bill. Secondly, if you've ever read any interviews with Cameron, the man is a huge science and technology geek. A novel will give him the chance to discuss science and tech in a way that just can't be explored in a film, without the risk of it coming across as boring or seeming like obvious exposition.

Landau thinks Cameron could have the novel ready by the end of 2010.
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