I haven't been at all enthused about the idea of watching Megan Fox and Mickey Rourke get cuddly in the upcoming Passion Play -- is anyone, really? -- but fie those buggers for making the project infinitely more interesting. According to Jimmy Scott's official webpage, he has not only recorded music for the film's soundtrack, but was on location earlier this month for a role in the film.

For those who aren't familiar with Jimmy Scott, save for the times I reference him, he was a hugely talented singer from the '40s through '60s whose success was repeatedly thwarted by corrupt music execs (including an album made with Ray Charles that was suppressed after a threatened lawsuit). Although he was even Billie Holiday's favorite singer, he faded from the scene until the '90s when fame finally caught up with Scott. Gaining the respect of biggies like Lou Reed, Madonna, and David Lynch, he's garnered one hell of a resurgence in his twilight years.

He's since sung "Sycamore Trees" in David Lynch's Twin Peaks (there's a YouTube clip at the end of that link), played Skinny Bones in Ethan Hawke's Chelsea Walls, and had an uncredited cameo in Be Kind Rewind as Fat Waller's fan. Let's just hope this new role is juicy enough to make the price of admission worth it.
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