Though we assumed since Avatar had dropped out of first place at the box office that our obsession with the film would take a backseat to more important things like ... referencing Benicio Del Toro's dog boy role in Big Top Pee Wee ... but it appears the Mock Avatar Movement is still alive and kicking, at least for a few more days. First up there's this somewhat amusing short mockumentary about a group of people who practice Avatar role-playing in the woods of Wisconsin. Called LARP (Live Avatar Role Playing), the most impressive part of the video is their fantastic achievement in make-up and wardrobe. While it definitely could've been funnier, I did like the ditsy girl and the hippie dude trying to explain why they enjoy Avatar role playing, and I applaud their attempt to re-create the Tree of Souls with lots of toilet paper. Check it out after the jump.

In related news, one Flickr user decided it would be fun to Avatar-ize a bunch of celebrity photos. With everyone from Ben Stiller to Michael Bay, each image attempts to show us what this person would look like if they were a Na'vi on Pandora. Special topical props goes out to this user for Avatar-izing that image of Kevin Smith on a plane after he was removed from an earlier flight for being too overweight. Check out some of our favorite images by clicking through the below gallery.

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