According to reports, Oscar's Executive Producers Bill Mechanic and Adam "Bringing Down The House" Shankman have decided to cut performances of the five nominated Original Songs. Quick, can you name them? This is just one of a pair of innovations/suggestions being put out there by the duo in an effort to rein in the traditionally overlong 4-hour telecast, which at last count has doubled up on both the number of hosts and the Best Picture nominees.

Instead of the usual performances that some believe extend the show's running time, the songs will now be played over footage of each of the films - supposedly to provide context to the song's connection to the story. In theory, not an awful idea. The whole point of the category is to honor lyrics that typify what their films are about - and I would have loved to have seen this concept put to work to justify "How Do I Live" from Con Air. But as show producers, are Mechanic and Shankman eliminating an element that viewers truly look forward to? After all, as Nine and The Princess and the Frog have songs that are directly tied into telling a part of their story, they may as well just show the musical numbers right from the films, right? Have they denied us the opportunity to see Marion Cotillard recreate her strip number while singing "Take It All?"