I'm sure everyone has heard about Kevin Smith's incident on Valentine's Day, when he was booted from a Southwest flight for being too fat for a single seat on the plane. There's been enough talk and complaint from him via Twitter, podcast and blog, so now it's time for him to do what writers do best by turning his misfortune into gold, through the magic of storytelling. That's right, he needs to make his next movie based on the ordeal. And he could title it...


The name is in reference to his breakthrough film Clerks. Just as Mike Judge recently jumped fence with a comedy for bosses (Extract) ten years after making a comedy for employees (Office Space), Smith should make a movie on the side of customers in response to his classic debut, which heroicized rude employees. Throughout his discussion of the Southwest incident, he has focused on how bad the airline's customer service has been. "Granted, I'm the guy who made Clerks," he admitted in his latest Smodcast, "but I was never that clerk."
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