When the trailer for Ben Hibon's animated zombie epic A.D. debuted earlier this month (check it out here), the Internet got excited. While the project is still in the early stages of the development process, there's no denying that the clip looks amazing. To paraphrase one YouTube commenter, "it's like Pixar grew balls."

The guys over at Machinima's web show ETC got a chance to sit down and interview three of the film's producers along with director Hibon and screenwriter Haylar Garcia. The eight minute clip turned up on YouTube recently (thanks to Bloody-Disgusting for catching it and sharing) and you can check it out for yourself beyond the jump.

Hearing Hibon and Garcia talk about their vision for the film is inspiring stuff. A.D. looks like a videogame--albeit one that doesn't require you to pick up a controller and complete hours of arbitrary tasks to see the next story interlude. The animation is impressive and the fact that the film doesn't use physical actors or sets would seem to make it easier for the filmmakers to pull out all the stops in creating their horrifying vision of the zombie apocalypse.

No word on when we might see a finished version of the film. As one producer points out, they're still in the "seeking financial backing" stage of the development cycle. Let's hope some adventurous investors get on board soon, because this is one film I really wanna see.
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