Remember those heady days of the late 1990s, when Ben Affleck and Matt Damon rose from indie origins to become Hollywood's golden boys? They were supposed to save us all with their flair for writing, directing, and acting. They were the hot new thing! The new era! Project Greenlight, the savior of new voices! But then ... what? Bennifer, I guess. I don't know. Damon has certainly done solid work in front of the camera, and Affleck has slowly made a name for himself behind it. It's just not what we expected.

But now happy days might be here again. Variety reports that Affleck and Damon are in talks with Warner Bros to set up a first look production deal with the studio. They are uniting to form an as-yet unnamed shingle, and have developed a very good relationship with Warner Bros. Damon has filmed The Informant, Invictus and Hereafterwith them (the latter two bringing him under Warner Bros' happy elder statesman, Clint Eastwood), and Affleck hasThe Town. All the ingredients are there for a magical and powerful working relationship.

No official announcement has been made, but the possibilities are certainly exciting. Damon and Affleck have certainly run the gauntlet of Hollywood stardom, failures, and successes now, and to see them come full circle and reunite is really cool. I can't wait to see the projects that come of this big collaboration. Could we expect a Good Will Hunting 2?
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