In starting to respond to a comment on Chris Campbell's Their Best Role piece for Maggie Gyllenhaal, I realized the following question was much longer than a short comment field and should be sent out to the Cinematical universe at large: Do you like personal quirks in performances?
Hanne wrote: "I like Gyllenhaal myself, and I think her voice, which can easily become whiny, and her body language, which seems to be naturally over the top, might be part of the reason why people have a problem with her. For me, those are the some of the things I like best -- real personal quirks in a business where similarity of expression seems to be the ultimate goal."
From the moment Gyllenhaal's sweet Satanist squeezed those eyelash curlers around her tongue in cinematic solidarity for Cecil B. Demented, I was hooked. But it wasn't a one-off love. She's entertained a varied career from superhero love interest to the meek woman who finds her strength in Secretary, and where Campbell sees her as trying "too hard," I've seen an easily relatable person -- not just in characterization, but in performance.
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