Attica is finally getting its share of the cinematic spotlight -- more than just a memorable exclamation by Al Pacino in Dog Day Afternoon. Deadline Hollywood reports that Doug Liman is going to produce and direct a new drama called Attica, written by Oscar-nominee Geoffrey Fletcher (Precious).

If you're unaware of the prison riot, it all took place in September of 1971 when a slew of prisoners were fed up with their treatment -- half minorities to an all-white staff, numbering over a thousand more than Attica's capacity, given only one shower a week, and one roll of toilet paper a month. The last straw descended when fellow prisoners freed an inmate rumored to be tortured. The staff tried to take away their outside time for the incident, and the inmates revolted, grabbing hostages and leading a 4-day standoff until the prison was retaken by New York State Police in a huge, deadly mess of an operation. Governor Nelson Rockefeller received a lot of heat for his hands-off stance during the stand-off, and it took almost 30 years for inmates and their families to get a settlement for civil rights violations in the reclamation of Attica and the prison's subsequent turmoil.

In an interesting turn, Liman's father Arthur was chief counsel on the special commission brought together to investigate the riot, and he says: "My father's report literally reads like a page turner. It is filled with stories of guards and prisoners from vastly different backgrounds learning to trust each other in the face of real human tragedy." As long as I forget that Jumper exists, I'm in. You?
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