One of the great things about living in Austin, in addition to the fact that everyone is impossibly nice and the Alamo Drafthouse is a mecca for film geeks, is that Ain't it Cool News is headquartered here. And as anyone who reads AICN will know, Harry Knowles is regularly bringing promo screenings of films to share with his fellow Austinites.

These screenings aren't for press, they're for film junkies who are perfectly happy to wait in line an hour or two ahead of time to get a good seat to something they're looking forward to. And this past Monday, Harry held such a screening for MGM's R-rated comedy Hot Tub Time Machine starring John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, and Clark Duke. And if you're anything like me, you were a little excited about seeing four guys time-travel back to the 1980s, but you weren't sure if it'd be a solid R-rated romp or another Dude, Where's My Car comedy gimmick.

So what's the verdict?

Better than expected, at least on this end. The trailers looked a little one note to me, as though the only comedy mineral it could mine was how wacky it was for four dudes from the present to loop back to their youthful prime and collide with a host of obvious '80s pop staples like leg warmers and apocalyptic levels of hairspray. And sure, when they first make their trip across the space-time continuum, there's a good deal of "Remember this?" chuckling going on, but it quickly moves past such base humor and into a surprisingly hearty comedy.
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