When Sam Worthingtonsigned onto The Fields, it was hard to get excited even if you really, really like Worthington. The guy has a pre-production slate that's well into the double digits. You have to leave some good roles for other actors, Sam. Luckily, there's another nice part in The Fields and it's gone to an actor who hasn't overbooked his welcome: Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

According to Variety,The Fields (originally titled Texas Killing Fields) centers on a long and gruesome series of unsolved murders along Gulf Coast oil refineries. As many as 70 bodies have turned up in these industrial wastelands over the past 20 years, a fact which looks suspicious to pretty much anyone. But only one private investigator (Worthington) decides to get his hands and shoes dirty by looking into it, and he's assisted by Morgan's transplanted New York detective.

The Fields will be directed by Ami Canaan Mann, daughter of Michael Mann, and was penned by former DEA agent Donald F. Ferrarone. I'm hoping for a nice, dark thriller in the vein of Zodiac and Morgan's charisma tilts it into more promising territory. He's a truly man's man kind of actor who is making a steady climb out of romantic comedy territory, and he could use a good detective story or two. Hopefully, The Losers and The Fields will launch him into ... well, Sam Worthington territory.
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