What's that? You can't get enough of Roger Corman mixing sharks with something else? Well, guess what? DINOSHARK, that's what.

While our very own Peter Hall gets his underoos damp over the mere mention of the planned Sharktopus movie, I'm already moving on to bigger and better shark-monsters namely Dinoshark, the newest new film from SyFy and Roger Corman (and Dinocroc director Kevin O' Neill). Need a plot synopsis? It's half-shark, half-Tyrannosaurus Rex, half-awesome. Yes, it has three halves. Spoiler: People die.

Dinoshark premieres on SyFy, March 13. Set your DVRs. The only place to go from here is Octosaurus Rex (I'd also settle for Croctopus). Make this happen, Syfy.

(God bless you, Hollywood Reporter.)
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