It's well documented that I have a problem. For years, I've fought the collecting urge. GI Joe toys, Star Wars figures, horror DVD's, video games - you name it. I was never satisfied until I had it all. It's that same mania that compels me to watch any and all horror movies that I come across. I'm a completist. It's a sickness and for years I've fought it - especially with toys. Fortunately, I've mostly bucked that desire, but it took nothing short of being locked in a room with Renton while my torn-out-of-the-box 'The Thing' toy crawled along the ceiling and I vomited into a bucket. Well, the obsession peddlers at NECA aren't making it any easier.

Previously, they revealed some crispy delicious Freddy toys for the remake of'A Nightmare on Elm Street'. Dread Central has some shiny closeups of the goodies. As is to be expected, the details are uncanny. The likeness is unmistakable. It's really selling me on the new look to our favorite bastard son of 100 maniacs. The flared nostrils, the withered lips. That is what a homicidal burn victim should look like.

Now from the 2010 Toy Fair, it looks like they're not just bringing back their spectacular replica glove, but they're finally doing it - the animated marionette from Dream Warriors. For those of you who don't remember, I believe it was Phillip, one of Freddy's many victims in the 3rd installment, who carved little puppets in his spare time in the asylum. In one of the spotlight effects of the film, this little homunculus comes to life, cuts his strings, and raises hell. I can't wait to hang one above my bed.

Thank God they didn't have NECA when I was a kid. Otherwise, I would have driven my parents up the damned wall.
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